What Businesses Need to Know About Bespoke Software Development

Published: 07th March 2011
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Many business owners consider bespoke software development to be the same as custom software development, but this is not entirely true. Custom software development usually involves designing software from scratch for a certain business need. Bespoke software development is the process involved in customizing existing software in order to cater to the specific needs of a customer, business, or business sector's particular needs. A great deal of technology is now able to be customized for a particular company without there being any need to reinvent the wheel. For example, software which is designed to report key metrics or warehouse essential business data does not need to be created by their IT department or outsourced to an IT company, but rather, an existing software application can be given to a bespoke software development firm to customize. Bespoke software development can also help streamline business functions through integrating applications and formatting and modeling data.

Bespoke Software Development Defined

Bespoke software development mainly focuses on software development and management. This development and management can include supporting a wide range of mission-critical functions in a business. The software should be scalable, that is, it should be able to handle a large number of support functions for the end user. For instance, the software might be called upon to support customers using a business interface on the Internet, or to help employees on the enterprise level in order to streamline functions and gain maximum operating efficiency. Generally speaking, the enterprise level support functions will be the most complex and the hardest to integrate fully.

Having said that, the pay off to a corporation of having software which is more efficient and helps workers be more effective can have a huge positive implications for the growth and financial success of a company. Therefore, both small scale and large scale customization can be performed by a bespoke software development firm, provided that the end user's needs and the overall functionality required are made clear. Bespoke software development can take existing software and customize it for the end user according to their stated requirements and objectives.

Process and Customization Made Easy

Bespoke software development makes it easy to get even the most highly customized software tasks done quickly and easily. The one size fits all model of software selling simply does not work for every single customer, so bespoke software development is incredibly valuable for customers seeking a competitive edge. No two businesses are the same, so no two businesses will use software in quite the same way. Therefore, customization is key. Companies looking to get a competitive edge in terms of market trends and customer fulfillment needs, or data gathering and analysis, will want customized software solutions that help them meet those goals. Bespoke software development helps create whole new windows of opportunity by delivering them a product uniquely their own. They can then use the new customized software right away, tracking trends or analyzing data and so on immediately, rather than wait for months for it to be developed. In many cases the software will also be faster and more responsive, boosting efficiency and producing cost savings, and even additional revenue. In many cases, bespoke software development helps them eliminate many of the problems that their current programs were causing, which were preventing them from achieving their business goals. In this way, they can focus more on running their business, not grappling with inefficient software.

Life Cycle Methodology in Bespoke Software Development

The bespoke software development life cycle can best be described as a cycle of continuous development to improve the product. Through high levels of communication with customers, they can expect automated, frequent, iterative and incremental development, to work out any bugs that might be found and add features in response to userís feedback. This ongoing life cycle serves to decrease the amount of time needed to develop the product further, since it is in a constant state of growth, as it were. The life cycle will start with a meeting and then the presenting of a proposal. Once the proposal is reviewed and accepted and the scope of work is defined to the satisfaction of both parties, the bespoke software development can begin. After regular communication, the bespoke software product will be completed. Then quality assurance and software testing will take place, to be sure it is working thoroughly before it is allowed to be fully deployed and go live.

To summarize, bespoke software development offers companies a number of advantages over out of the box or specially developed software. The main advantages are:

- Easy to use and implement
- Gives more control over software application configurations, allowing for a high level of customization
- Automating and integrating systems increased productivity and profit
- Is unique to the user, and caters to the user's unique needs
- High amount of usability within the framework of a particular kind of business or industry
- Great potential to integrate and streamline existing systems and software

Generally speaking, off the shelf software will never meet all of the needs of a business, and its limitations become limited to the productivity and profits of a company. Each business or industry has its own unique set of needs that an out of the box product will never be able to deliver on completely. For many companies, off the shelf software might appear to be cheaper, but it could cost the company a great deal of money in lost productivity. Finally, bespoke software development can actually not only save money but make money, because the software needs to be paid for only once, not licensed over and over again for years, and on a per person basis, as is the case with many out of the box software products.

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