Application Testing Services - Basics to know before outsourcing software testing needs

Published: 06th July 2011
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Software Testing Engineer executes the software using test cases to evaluate properties such as reliability, usability, maintainability and level of performance. Test results are used to compare the actual properties of the software to those specified in the requirements document as quality goals. Deviations or failure to achieve quality goals must be addressed.

Application Testing Services have a broader scope rather than being only limited to the execution of program or detecting errors more rigorously as described in the test process improvement models such as TMMi framework models.

Application testing services is very innovative and rationally challenging activity. Application testing services requires much more creativity than the creativity required to design or develop that particular software program. It is practically not possible to test a software program adequately to ensure the absence of all bugs. For this purpose, one is required to make use of systematic test methods and techniques to develop robust test cases.

Who should carry out the application testing services and what qualities should they have?

A team independent from the development team should carry it out. This principle holds true for psychological as well as practical reasons and does not say that it is impossible for a programming organization to find some of its errors, because organizations do accomplish this with some degree of success. Rather, it implies that it is more economical for testing to be performed by an objective, independent party which gives a direction of the third vision by the means of test cases. Finally, independence of the testing group does not call for an adversarial relationship between developers and Software Testing Engineers.

Software Testing Engineer requires to have
- Thorough understanding of the software engineering discipline.
- Experience from past experiences and knowledge as to how software is specified, designed, and developed.
- Knowledge of error types and where the failures of a certain type can occur in code constructs.
- Rationalizing like a scientist and recommend ideas that refer to occurrence of particular forms of defects.
- An understanding of the problem domain of software that is being testing.
- Generate as well as document test cases. To develop the test cases the Software Testing Engineer should choose inputs frequently from a very diverse domain.
- Develop and document test techniques for performing the tests.
- Perform the tests and is liable for documenting outcomes.
- Evaluate test outcomes and determine the success or failure for the test. This involves knowledge and maintaining track of a massive quantity of comprehensive information.
- Understand the methodology for acquiring and studying test-related dimensions.

A set of good test scenarios evaluates every possible permutations and combinations of a program during ideal conditions. In addition, Software Testing Engineer needs the proper vision to successfully test a piece/whole application to comply with the Standards and the Quality. Whenever Software Testing Engineer tests a program, they should add value in it rather than performing only the requirements conformance and validation. A systematic test process adds the value of quality and reliability to the software program.

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